My Magis

It started with a phone call. “Hello, it’s Eugenio Perazza here, from Magis. Do you know Magis?” “Yes,” I reply, “the one with the all-green stand, down in Tortona.” “That’s right,” he says, “I’d like to have a piece from you; I saw your sofa at Giovannoni’s, a splendid design.” “Yes! Thank you!” I exclaim, “you mean On the Rocks?” “That’s right,” he says, “and I’d like a design like that, something very crisp.”

The year was 2004. Then we met, first at my place, and many times subsequently at Magis with Matteo, and sometimes with Enrico too. It was the first time I had dealt with digital virtuality. Very pleasant work, and great hospitality.

It’s very important to be a keen eater, especially at lunchtime, because they take their food very seriously around there. A few years have passed. We used to go to the Cacciatore. Freshly-caught fish, no menu. At the time I had in mind a complete, elastic shell, and the result was the Annett. At Magis they had to deal with some difficulties and unexpected twists. They worked hard. A ground-breaking example of technology and comfort. Magis, one big family. Magis, always one idea ahead: a design business and a string of high-quality suppliers. Intelligent storage, an original sales network, an enlightened entrepreneur, fanatical about beautiful, good-quality things. He wanted me to make him an upholstered piece. I still don’t understand how after forty years, Magis manages to remain a young enterprise, still unpredictable and with such a sense of adventure. Enchanting, like a beautiful, enigmatic woman from around those parts, a woman from the east of Italy.

Heartfelt best wishes and a glass of white to toast the next hundred years of great success.

Pushing the boundaries of design since 1976.