Accademia del caffè espresso

Fiesole, Italy

The former industrial manufacturing facility of La Marzocco has been transformed into a centre for training, cultural endeavours and innovation: Accademia del Caffè Espresso. Visitors are invited to approach espresso by journeying through the history, technology, and innovation of La Marzocco, learning coffee culture and science, and exploring the exhibition space, labs, indoor coffee plantation and experimental workshops. An all-embracing experience of coffee, from tree to cup.
The entire building has been furnished with designs by Magis, amongst these Brut, Bureaurama, Officina, Déjà-vu and Mariolina. Since all our products are made in Italy and arise from the exceptional craftsmanship our region is renowned for, they play a fundamental role in supporting Accademia’s mission to act as a platform for Italian quality, responsible development and values.

Project: Stefano Zagni
Photos: Accademia del caffè espresso



Sforno Restaurant

Noci, Italy

The interior design pays homage to the atmosphere of historic Apulian restaurants through a palette of warm and cold colours and the use of “poor” materials, such as vintage-style micro tiles, combined with fine finishes and furnishings. The idea was to create a place inspired by the simplicity of places of the past but with a keen eye on the contemporary. Pipe perfectly combines its timeless and essential design with the style of this cosy environment.

Project: Pleroo Design Studio
Photos: Tonio Manfredi

Piccola Enoteca

Zhubei, Taiwan

Piccola Enoteca is characterized by large windows that open the space to the outside and by the combination of different materials such as wood, stone and metals.
Each of the six floors is distinguished by different settings with plenty of references to Italian style. In addition to our made in Italy products, Sicilian stone was also used for the floors.
This combination of furnishings and materials creates a cosy, convivial space.

Project + Photos: OSLO Design Studio


Sydney, Australia

Inside the restaurant guests will be surrounded by an eccentric combination of concrete architectural envelope and gigantic mechanical ducts, balanced with a mixed palette of natural timber, leather and woven flooring.The dining area features a light palette of finishes to emphasise the transparency of the building façade, bringing in ample daylight and airiness to the dining space.
Furniture is carefully curated by the studio with our Milà dining chairs and Sequoia stools.

Project: Paring Onions
Photos: Steve Woodburn & Alex Wong