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Magis wins Salone del Mobile.Milano Award

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Magis is one of the winners of the Salone del Mobile.Milano Award, a prize awarded by a jury composed of internationally renowned personalities to companies whose designs, products and trade show installations are distinguished by the quality and innovation of the creative and production process, the technology introduced or developed, communication and outfitting.

The official reasons for the granting of this important award to Magis:

“A little ideal city, inspired by the works of Andrea Palladio, with unmistakeable references to other great Italian visionaries such as Giorgio De Chirico and Aldo Rossi – the Magis stand is a perfect example of urban environment. Iconic products, together with new ones, live and communicate in this open space where one might be a visitor or perhaps a protagonist of this magical story”.

Magis’s exhibition design project at the Salone was a product of the collaboration between the company and Note Design Studio in Stockholm.

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Salone del Mobile 2018

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Inspired by the work of the celebrated Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio and his iconic masterpieces, Magis’ exhibition design at the Salone del Mobile is the fruit of a new partnership between the company and Note Design Studio in Stockholm.

Conceived as a small ideal city, featuring muted archetypal tones alongside more sophisticated hues, the stand is an original and harmonious space, in which products communicate with one another and with the guests, in a lively but relaxing exchange.

Together with a selection of iconic products, some brand-new arrivals will be making their debut: a collection of cabinets and drawer units developed by Konstantin Grcic in collaboration with Fami, and a collection of sculpture lamps created by Oiva Toikka in collaboration with Iittala.

This year also marks the celebrated return of Jasper Morrison, presenting his new chair, and the beginning of our collaboration with Inga Sempé, who has created a collection of mirrors for Magis. The Me Too collection is also expanding with new, original products designed by Blaise Drummond, Spalvieri & Del Ciotto and Big-Game.

Come and see them all for yourselves!

We look forward to welcoming you in hall 20, stand C15/D14.

ph: Diego Alto

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Linnut: Magis – Iittala – Oiva Toikka

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Pallas, Sulo, Siiri, Kirassi and Palturi are all sheltering in hollow tree trunks, lighting up a dark forest in a night-time diorama that creates a dreamy atmosphere.

This is the Linnut installation (the Finnish word means “birds”), presented by Magis in its Corso Garibaldi showroom for Salone del Mobile.

The five sculpture lamps, two of which come in two different sizes, represent Magis’ first foray into the world of lighting. Made of rotationsl-moulded polycarbonate, they were designed by Oiva Toikka, based on Birds, the famous blown-glass collection created by his sensational imagination, and produced for Iittala from the 1970s.

ph: Diego Alto

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Chess installation, curated by Konstantin Grcic

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At the space in Via Rosales 5, from 17 to 22 April, Magis presents Chess, the original collection of sheet-metal furniture designed by Konstantin Grcic and developed in close collaboration with Fami, an Italian company that is among the world leaders in the metal furniture sector.

The starting point for this project was a category of furniture normally associated with robust cabinets and drawer units. It was quite a challenge for Magis, which adapted the potential applications of this furniture for home use, softening the pieces with carefully-conceived alterations. With the tactile touch of solid oak handles, in contrast with the sheet metal, and the deep-set base plinth – again in solid oak – which elegantly lifts the pieces off the floor and gives them a lighter look.

ph: Diego Alto

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Milan Design Week

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There are a number of unmissable events involving Magis in this Milan Design Week 2018 that offers so much to discover.

Officina, Brut, Folly, Big Will and Milà, together with other iconic pieces from major brands, will be furnishing the Superloft at Superstudio Più – Via Tortona 27, a home design by Giulio Cappellini.

From 16 to 25 April in Piazza Duomo, in front of the Palazzo Reale, Puppy will be part of the Living Nature–la Natura dell’abitare installation curated by Studio Ratti.

At the Design Answers exhibition, organized by ADI Lombardia with the Region of Lombardy at the Belvedere in Palazzo Lombardia, our Trioli chair is on display alongside a selection of 20 objects linked to the Compasso d’Oro award.

Our products have also been chosen for the window displays at Caractère in Piazza della Scala and Lubiam 1911 in Via della Spiga.

You will come across Magis products in innumerable locations: in the Salone Satellite, the Caffè della Stampa and the VIP Restaurant at the Salone Service Centre, in the Salone’s Red Lounge, the large venue reserved for journalists, architects, designers and selected guests, and at the gala dinner organized by Interni magazine in partnership with Audi.

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Press Release 2018

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Keep up to date with all the latest news from Magis at Salone del Mobile 2018!

From 16 April you can download our Press Release complete with all the high-res images and articles, via this link:

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A collection with a strong, lively character: here comes Brut!

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Can a solid, sturdy material with an unprocessed look such as cast iron be used in contemporary furniture to give an elegant, original result?

Meet Brut, the new collection created by Konstantin Grcic: drawing inspiration from the industrial use of this alloy, which is mainly utilized as a structural material in bridge building and as a pedestal for heavy machinery, the plain, robust cast-iron structure is pleasingly combined with marble and the other materials used for the table tops, the wooden bench-seats and the fabrics chosen for the upholstery, creating a casually reassuring sense of hospitality.

A surprising combination of almost contradictory materials and techniques.

Hence the name “Brut”!

The word brings to mind both something unprocessed, in the raw, and also the full, part-sour-part-fruity flavour of a renowned type of wine full of fine bubbles that tickle the palate.

With its original, fresh, feisty style, it encapsulates a sense of function and aesthetics that speaks volumes about the era we are living in, and it is instantly likeable, leaving people with a clear memory both of it and of the place where they saw it.

Conceived particularly for comfortable public spaces in which to rest, relax and socialize, the Brut collection includes tables of various shapes and sizes, including one with a height-adjustable trestle structure (some are also suitable for outdoor use), two benches, an armchair and two sofas made with a range of different fabrics and colours.

Brut Collection

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Magis at the Stockholm Furniture Fair

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The Stockholm Furniture Fair, from 06 to 10 February 2018, is once again an occasion for Magis to amaze with a series of novelties, among which the upsholstered collections Officina (design Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec) and Brut (design Konstantin Grcic) and the stools Sequoia (design Anderssen & Voll).

Moreover, Magis presents for the first time a unique exhibition project developped by the Swedish design studio Note, whose approach to product and space design – so stated Barbara and Alberto Perazza- “has always been much appreciated by us, so that we found  that nobody better than them could have interpreted our stand design.”

Studio Note explains in this way their approach to Magis: “We set out to create a space filled with archetype undertones and sophisticated top tones at the same time. Inspired by Italian architect Palladio, we created  therefore a beautiful and welcoming place for both visitors and Magis products.”

ph: Staffan Sundström

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Internationale Möbelmesse, Cologne

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Once again this year, Magis took part in the Internationale Möbelmesse in Cologne (15-21.01.2018), during which it presented a series of new displays at its Design Post showroom.

ph: Studio Eye