Magis and Konstantin Grcic: Apartment 50, Unité d’Habitation, Marseille

Magis products are part of the third installation at the Apartment 50, whose project was developed by Le Corbusier in the Cité Radieuse in Marseille between the late 40s and the beginnings of the 50s.
After Jasper Morrison in 2008 and the Bouroullec duo in 2010, this year it was Konstantin Grcic’s turn to develop an installation for this apartment (opened on July, 15th until August, 15th).
In accordance with Le Corbusier’s enigmatic colour scheme, Konstantin Grcic used only three colours (white, red and black): in this charming environment he included the most important pieces developed in his career and among them Chair_One, 360° Chair and 360° Container, Jerry and Venice designed for Magis.
As Grcic himself affirmed: “”apart from placing a selection of my favourite furniture and objects, I decided to tag the apartment walls with four scans from an original punk fanzine. This to underline the link between two unrelated worlds, that is Le Corbusier’s architecture and punk rock, because I find that both have a rawness and uncompromising spirit which I have always found beautiful””.