Where’s the best place to have fun surrounded by symbolic objects that spark amazement and wonder, and where even adults can become children once again?

The amusement park, of course!

Inaugurated on 27 July at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Seoul, “Lunapark: The Design Island”, curated by Stefano Giovannoni, Cristina Morozzi and Chiara Savino, is one of the largest design exhibitions in Korean history.

This celebration of outstanding international projects designed for children sees many products from the Me Too collection playing a prominent role. Puppy, Happy Bird, Dodo, Pingy, Trioli and Nido, along with the Spun rotating chair and the cast iron Ettore mule, are part of a varied, brightly coloured landscape inhabited by objects that help children discover the world and grow, which just goes to show how good design can be functional and fun at the same time.

The exhibition is open until 6 November.

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