When creativity is put into motion and combined with research, the consequences can be truly surprising. This is the case with Spun.

In this video, Thomas Heatherwick talks about how this iconic rotating chair came about. It is manufactured by Magis using rotational-moulded polypropylene. When researching symmetrical geometric shapes that rotate, a question came to mind: could any of these become a chair? In order to find the answer, it was necessary to break with the stereotypes of what a chair is—a back, seat, and legs—going in a new direction and reworking shapes and materials, testing again and again to then return to the essence of the idea and, finally, the prototype to be presented to Magis.

The result? Just look at the amused, carefree air of those who sit on the Spun chair to understand how beautiful things are sometimes surprising, even for those who create them.

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