Inga Sempé, 2018

70x50 Frame: Green Mirror Stripes: grey-extraclear-blue

70x50 Frame: Light Grey Mirror Stripes: gold-extraclear-blue

50x50 Frame: Green Mirror Stripes: grey-extraclear-bronze

50x50 Frame: Light Grey Mirror Stripes: gold-extraclear-bronze

50x60 Frame: Green Mirror Stripes: grey-extraclear-pink

50x60 Frame: Light Grey Mirror Stripes: green-extraclear-pink

Ø50 Frame: Green Mirror Stripes: grey-dark grey-blue-dark blue-extraclear

Ø50 Frame: Light Grey Mirror Stripes: pink-green-extraclear-gold-blue

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Wall mirrors.

Materials: frame in rubber. Mirror with colored stripes and protective back film. Available in round, oval, square or rectangular frame.

“ I don’t see the use of technology
as preserving craft traditions.
It’s not a will to preserve a culture, to keep it alive,
it’s just a more efficient way to do it “

Inga Sempé

Our products are highly aesthetic, functional and embody a strong idea. Everything else would be easy, ordinary and not the Magis way.