Now available!


Celebrating the 40th anniversary since the foundation of Magis, the mule – symbol of the company for years – is now also a product.

So we have Ettore (design Konstantin Grcic), an ornamental object named – not by chance – after Hector, Homer’s hero, protagonist of many deeds in Greek mythology.

As Eugenio Perazza, founder of Magis, likes to say: “There is a precise and perfect connection between the essence, the courage and the spirit of Magis and the essence, the courage and the spirit of the mule. This is why, for years, the mule has been the emblem of our company.

Like Magis, the mule is humble, it is not conceited, doesn’t show off, is a tireless worker, never gives up and when it falls it picks itself up, because it doesn’t look for the easy way out, but rather loves a challenge. And it’s innately, intensely curious and therefore continuously explores new paths”.