Magis sponsors the event “D’Annunzio e i Giardini di Pan” at the Vittoriale

From 10 May to 31 October 2015, Magis is sponsoring the second edition of D’Annunzio e i Giardini di Panat the Vittoriale degli Italiani in Gardone Riviera (Brescia), an international event where the theme this year is “Inezie squisitissime. Nutrire la mente e il corpo tra Oriente e Occidente” [Exquisite trifles. Feeding the mind and the body between East and West]. During the period of Expo 2015, the great poet’s residence celebrates the link between d’Annunzio and the Orient with a widespread circuit of exhibitions, signature installations, special events, meetings with prominent guests, and the proposal of tastes and flavours close to D’Annunzio’s own heart. Ambassador for the 2015 edition of “I Giardini di Pan” is Alessandro Mendini, creator of the Magis Proust, of which a special version has been produced for the occasion by Magis in a unique bold lilac colour that D’Annunzio himself identified and named “violato”.

Magis Proust “violato” will be included in the exhibition, alongside other versions of the famous armchair, and will also provide the seating for the guests of the Incontri Scomodi [awkward meetings] to be held throughout the six months of the event, including Mendini himself, as well as Vittorio Sgarbi, Morgan and many other personalities. The Magis Proust in its usual range of colours will also be featured in various other locations around the Vittoriale, particularly in the Limonaie, in a specially-built glasshouse that will be the venue for a reinterpretation of D’Annunzio’s cuisine.