September 3rd 2015 saw the inauguration of the new Magis monobrand store in Asia, located in Gough Street, one of Hong Kong’s trendiest streets, within the prestigious Central shopping district. The new 185 m² store features a glass facade that immediately conveys the brand’s innovative character, while the interior is divided into three distinct sections. The first focuses on Magis’ most iconic chairs and stools, and is designed as a series of glass display niches and white wooden platforms at a range of different heights. The second presents all the latest products, plus the outdoor range, organized into families, and recreating a relaxed yet sophisticated living environment.

The third section is all about Me Too, the colourful, fun-filled collection for children. The guest star at the event was English architect Thomas Heatherwick, creator of Magis’ famous Spun chair, who chatted with Alberto Perazza, Managing Director at Magis, for an exclusive afternoon of design, stories and fun.