Magis and Be Original, Milan

Magis participated this year in the Be Original project, promoted by Elle Decor Italia (with the sponsorship of ADI and of the Milan municipality) in defence of the products’ authenticity and quality as reply to the quick increase of imitations.
From October, 22nd to 28th the shop windows of La Rinascente in Milan hosted a special selection of the most important icons in the international design, which were included in a special set up developed by Elle Decor Italia.
Magis shop windows in Corso Garibaldi, 77 hosted also a special displaying devoted to Be Original, where Bombo Stool is also protagonist besides Chair_One. Bombo, the stool par excellence, was designed by Stefano Giovannoni in 1995 and became immediately a bestseller in the design field and some years later also the most copied and counterfeited stool in the world.