Magis and Alessandro Mendini: Wunderkammer Design

On July, 21st the exhibition “”Wunderkammer Design”” on Alessandro Mendini and his works was opened at the Neues Museum für Kunst und Design in Nuremberg (organized by Peter Weiss under collaboration of Die Neue Sammlung museum in Munich).

Mendini transformed the wide exhibition room of the museum in a Wonder Hall of design. The exhibition architecture Mendini himself designed allowed him – who considered his works as an incessant research, a trip and an odyssey – to make a synthesis and to show a whole host of examples from his 40 years long artistic career. More than 80 objects on display and among these also Magis Proust, the version in rotational-moulded polyethylene of the famous armchair designed in 1978, which Magis launched at the last Salone del Mobile of Milan. Old and new works, on which the artistic idea by Mendini is based. Objects rich in opulent colours, exoticism and shapes, through which Mendini creates a design of the Wonder Hall, recalling the past and at the same time astonishing and surprising us in the present.