“”The Most Beautiful Things in the World””

Pulchra is the first competition devoted only to objects.
A commission consisting of Italo Lupi, Alessandro Mendini, Sandro Silvi and Matteo Vercelloni has selected Magis’ broom Magò and 99 other products for the contest, which is being held online at www.pulchra.org.
To vote (from January, 31st to December, 31st, 2008) participants simply choose the 10 items they like the most out of the 100 selected for the contest.
At the end of the year, the ten items receiving most of the votes will be proclaimed the winners and placed in a waterproof metal capsule for burial in a park, where a beautiful, custom-designed garden will be created on the surface above. Year after year, with subsequent editions of Pulchra, a mosaic of gardens will mark the existence of this invisible museum of beauty, while the participant coming closest to the final results will be awarded with a prize of 10.000 euro.