From 7 to 9 September, at the fifth edition of the “Il Tempo delle Donne” (the time of women) event hosted at the Triennale in Milan by Corriere della Sera and based on an idea by La27esimaOra, the subject of happiness was discussed in shows, meetings, workshops and interviews, creating a crucible of stories and ideas.

Magis, a partner in this extraordinary event, furnished areas of the Triennale: from the stage in the main hall, to the art theatre and garden, a careful selection of objects with a unique, eclectic style, such as the Brut sofa, Tibu and Bureaurama stools, Raviolo and Piña armchairs, Bureaurama tables, Folly bench and the iconic Spun, helped to brighten up and render the over 100 appointments featuring around 250 guest speakers welcoming to visitors.

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