Green Week –Sustainability Factories

Magis has chosen to take part in the 2016 edition of Green Week, the event promoted by Venezie Post, The University of Trento, and MUSE Science Museum Trento, in collaboration with Goodnet, which has turned the Triveneto region into a ground-breaking showcase for green thinking. The first part of the week (which ended in Trento with three days of debates, meetings and events on the subject of the green economy) featured a tour (from 1 to 3 March) of Sustainability Factories, companies with an excellent track record for innovation in the field of sustainability.

On 1 March from 6 pm, Magis hosted a large group of visitors for a guided tour of the company, followed by the presentation of the book Minima Pedalia (Ediciclo Editore) by teacher and writer Emilio Rigatti.