From the web to social networks, Magis goes from strength to strength

Magis is celebrating this year its “first 40 years” of business and success in the world of design, as well as some major milestones in another fundamental sector: the world of the web and social networks.  With all-new graphics, coordinated with the image of the company and all its products, bursting with content and designed to be infinitely accessible, the website has recorded a total of 390,000 visitors since it went online in April 2015. It has also clocked up over 16,000 registrations to access the reserved area of the site, where users can download product photos, 2D and 3D files and other materials for professional use.

The site is available in 5 languages, and features responsive web design that adapts to individual desktops, tablets and smartphones. It brings together the worlds of Magis and MeToo, to provide complete and comprehensive information on all the company’s collections and the designers who created them and moreover, it offers an array of images, texts and videos about the company’s history, its distinctive design philosophy, the production processes etc.

Magis is also operative and highly successful in the social networking world, with over 350,000 likes on Facebook, more than 50,000 on Instagram, and an expanding presence on Twitter and Pinterest. The Magis channels on YouTube and Vimeo are also growing, with numerous product-presentation videos and interviews with the designers from around the world that work with this dynamic, original and innovative enterprise.