Benedetta Mori Ubaldini

Before moving to Milan in 2005, Benedetta Mori Ubaldini lived and studied in London, taking Art and Design at Westminster College of Adult Education, and then Fine Arts at Middlesex University.
Benedetta works in many materials, but is best-known for her innovative and extraordinarily beautiful wire work. Each piece starts life as industrially produced, rolled “chicken” wire, which is gradually shaped by hand, twisting and joining the pieces together to give a seamless appearance.

As Benedetta herself states, “What I love is to fill large spaces with narratives, creating three-dimensional pictures, and I like them to be evocative, symbolic and poetic. The sculptures I create in chicken wire have no internal structure at all, therefore the interplay between presence and absence becomes the magical element of the work and gives each piece the lightness of an apparition, a ghost-like quality, like a trace from memory or images from a dream.”