Accademia del caffè espresso

The former industrial manufacturing facility of La Marzocco has been transformed into a centre for training, cultural endeavours and innovation: Accademia del Caffè Espresso. Visitors are invited to approach espresso by journeying through the history, technology, and innovation of La Marzocco, learning coffee culture and science, and exploring the exhibition space, labs, indoor coffee plantation and experimental workshops. An all-embracing experience of coffee, from tree to cup.
The entire building has been furnished with designs by Magis, amongst these Brut, Bureaurama, Officina, Déjà-vu and Mariolina. Since all our products are made in Italy and arise from the exceptional craftsmanship our region is renowned for, they play a fundamental role in supporting Accademia’s mission to act as a platform for Italian quality, responsible development and values.

Project: Stefano Zagni
Photos: Accademia del caffè espresso