Magis is turning forty. They say that life begins at forty.

Forty is the age of maturity, growth, new horizons, thoughts and objectives, but also of new responsibilities.

Magis is actually ageless, an exceptional case that is ‘forever young’, born and raised with an aptitude to stay youthful, thanks to its positive outlook, flexible vision, drive and innovative spirit.

It would seem that Magis knows the secret of the ancient legend of eternal youth!

It has not changed over time, maintaining the playful approach of its earliest days, a whimsical mindset that seems, if anything, to have grown stronger over the years.

From its first steps to the present day, it now walks with confidence and runs fast. With experience it has grown more sophisticated, more cultivated, increasingly attentive to and in tune with the signals, able to stay one step ahead of the rest, more attractive, radiant and joyful.

Desired, indulged and loved by many. It is a joy to know it, to spend time around it, to work with it.

It gives energy and vitality with its positive, forward-looking mentality.

It has a versatile mind, that of a young team raised under the guidance of Eugenio Perazza, the founder and soul of Magis, who has ably spread its spirit and philosophy across the globe.

“The exemplary story of MAGIS has always been an upward curve,” so wrote Alessandro Mendini recently. “An admirable series of products. An accurate choice of designers. Fully updated strategies. Sophisticated communication. The right industrial policy. And then the new MAGIS headquarters. The location is ZEN, a magic box to protect this rare phenomenon.”


Within the panorama of international design, Magis really is the ‘rare phenomenon’ described by Mendini.

The lateral thinking with which it approaches objects, imagines them, interprets and creates them, is unique and special. And it always manages to surprise us with its fabulous intuitions, its ability to dream, to go beyond the present, designing a future where it is nice to live.

Happy birthday, dear Magis!

Patrizia Scarzella

Pushing the boundaries of design since 1976.