Troy – Now available (de)

Troy, der stapelbare Stuhl von Marcel Wanders mit Hochreliefdekor auf der Rückseite, erstmals vorgestellt auf dem letzten Salone del Mobile in Mailand, ist ab sofort in der Buchenschichtholzversion am Lager verfügbar.
Wanders schreibt dazu:
„“She is silly like a child,
She is soft like jelly pie,
She is mysterious undercover and candid unexpected,
She is the hidden open love,
The silent shame of men,
The friendly little devil,
She is an ancient gem.
Hardly hidden, under the surface of time’s fashion… inside… she holds a lacey paradise…her secret lingerie, waiting to reveal itself to us… before she shares with us her body…she is a courtesan, a mistress, a playgirl, a lady of the night…celebrating her young fresh skin, daily… and perhaps especially… today… because also today… her most private secrets…are her most generous public gift.““

Marcel Wanders