On the Magis website you will find two new videos, one focusing on Chair_One, the other on Naoto Fukasawa.

In the first one, Konstantin Grcic talks about the creation of Chair_One, an absolutely unique chair, with a shape that is the fruit of a long period of study and preparation, sketches, card models and prototypes, before finally being produced in die-cast aluminium. Plenty of space is dedicated to the production of the seat, guiding us through the different phases, and thus bearing further witness to the complexity of this product.

The second video, meanwhile, is an interview with Naoto Fukasawa, who talks about his work as a designer for Magis, and focuses particularly on Substance chair, his latest new product for the company, as well as on the creation of Déjà-vu, a simple, minimalist, yet highly iconic stool.

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