Now available


The Me Too collection is like a magician’s hat that keeps producing surprising and colourful objects. But the great thing is that there is no trickery involved. From today, there really are three new products available.

Ready to discover them?

Here’s the first: The Roof Chair, design Spalvieri & Del Ciotto.

A soft, flexible roof to sit on, alone or in twos, or to be used as a slide; a little house to hide in, or a tunnel to crawl through. A game and equally a fun-filled and functional item of furniture, to stimulate children’s imagination and creativity.

And then there is Little Big table which, like the chair from the same collection, can grow apace with your child, thanks to its height-adjustment system. With a sturdy HPL top and a solid wooden frame, this is the ideal table for great little creative kids, at home or in kindergartens.

And here is the third, which is perhaps the biggest surprise of all: Little Big distorting mirrors, design Big-Game, with their distorted reflections.

It is one thing to see your image reflected in a normal mirror, but quite another to see it in a convex or concave one! The irresistible fun of these distortions invites children into an imaginary world, as well as enabling them to spontaneously develop a sense of self-parody.