Magis at Expo Milan 2015

Magis and its products are featured in some of the most prestigious venues at Expo Milan 2015:

in the enchanting setting of the Lake Arena, crowned at its centre by the Tree of Life, and, more precisely, in the 28,000-plus-m² area of the plaza surrounding the lake, are 126 red Spun chairs (design Thomas Heatherwick), which have been attracting the attention and admiration of visitors, who are literally vying to use them, almost as if to reaffirm the veracity of the “happiness is movement” slogan emblazoned there;

in the Hortus near the western entrance to the Expo, which is the largest of the eight gardens to be found within the exhibition area (for a total of 27,000 m²) featuring pergolas and seating where visitors can come to relax, there are a total of 150 Pipe chairs and some forty Pipe tables, produced for the occasion in a special custom finish (design Jasper Morrison).