chairs + armchairs


Jaime Hayón, 2016

Chair with arms.
Material: polypropylene with glass fibre added. Air-moulded. Silky touch finish. Seat/back cushion in expanded polyurethane with cover in fabric (Fidivi “King L Kat” e “King L”).

Product sheet
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Frame: Red 1484 C
Cushions: KingLKat red F-130

Frame: Dark Green 1556 C
Cushions: KingL green F-359

Frame: Yellow 1666 C
Cushions: KingLKat yellow F-579

Frame: Beige 1733 C
Cushions: KingLKat beige F-459

Frame: White 1738 C
Cushions: KingLKat white F-739

Frame: Black 1769 C
Cushions: KingL black F-198


Jaime Hayón

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