BrogliatoTraverso, 2021

Table Lamp White

Table Lamp Black

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Lámpara de suspensión S, L.
Material: cuerpo lámpara de ABS barnizado. Difusor multiled en PMMA (polimetilmetacrilato). Fuente de luz incluida: 252 Mid Power Led 3000K CRI90 1200 Lm de potencia 9W (S), 1406 Mid Power Led 3000K CRI90 5000 Lm de potencia 30W (L) . Fuente de alimentación incluida. Longitud del cable: 5m.


Our approach to design is defined in the will not to belong to a specific age or context … These are NO TIME NO SPACE objects.


Our products are highly aesthetic, functional and embody a strong idea. Everything else would be easy, ordinary and not the Magis way.