Jaime Hayón, 2016

框架:红色 1484 C 软垫:King L Kat 红色 F-130

框架:深绿色 1556 C 软垫:King L Kat绿色 F-359

框架:黄色 1666 C 软垫:King L Kat 黄色 F-579

框架:米色 1733 C 软垫:King L Kat 米色 F-459

框架:白色 1738 C 软垫:King L Kat 白色 F-739

框架:黑色 1769 C 软垫:King L 黑色 F-198

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材料:聚丙烯气体射出成型。丝质效果表面处理。发泡聚氨酯和针织面料(Fidivi “King L Kat” 和“King L”)座位/靠背。



“Design should make you feel good.”

Jaime Hayón

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Our products are highly aesthetic, functional and embody a strong idea. Everything else would be easy, ordinary and not the Magis way.