Chairs are one of the basic furniture pieces but they aren‘t easy – they don‘t have the architectural structure of a table, or the comfy indeterminacy of a sofa. They don‘t have the inflated dimensions of a bed, or the magical possibilities of light. Chairs are everywhere and they have to respond to an extraordinary variety of situations, needs and tastes. We sit on it in offices, kitchens, schools, in dining rooms or in the garden – we spend more time in contact with chairs than with any other object and no other object has to withstand the shape, movements and different postures of our bodies.

« The world was not designed for the rich, » Mari once said, because good design should be there for everyone. With this ambition, he revolutionized the design world and established a new understanding of the creation of products like MARIOLINA.

It is a basic chair, but a manifestation of Mari’s design vision at the same time – simple, practical, long-lasting and most importantly  affordable.

Mariolina recalls the fifties-style, but features a series of extra details. The legs in powder coated steel tube are in fact slimmer and more precise in section. The polypropylene seat and back are not screwed or riveted to the frame, but instead attached using a series of moulded ribs that grip the metal frame on the rear of the seat and back. Mariolina is stackable up to 12 pieces.