Beba Restelli

Beba Restelli, direct pupil and later collaborator of Bruno Munari, former Bruno Munari Method® trainer. Born in Vienna, Beba Restelli lives and works in Milan, where in 1980 she founded the first private Workshop for the experimentation, research and dissemination of the Bruno Munari way of thinking and doing. Since then she has actively taught and delivered training courses and been involved in educational projects for the development of creative design thinking (including Education in Visual Image and Multi-Sensorialism, Books for all the Senses, Signs and Writing Systems and Project Nature) in schools, museums and libraries, promoting the dissemination of Workshops and the artist’s method and works. As a founding member of the Associazione Bruno Munari, she set up and ran its Master in the Bruno Munari Method®. To celebrate Munari’s birth centenary (2007), she took part in numerous initiatives in Italy and abroad, co-ordinating with Silvana Sperati the workshops held by ABM during the exhibition dedicated to the artist at the Rotonda della Besana in Milan and the Ara Pacis Museum in Rome. She also co-designed with Silvana Sperati for ABM the exhibition “Vietato non toccare” (No Touching Prohibited) in collaboration with Muba (Children’s Museum of Milan) and Corraini Edizioni. As well as numerous essays, she has published Giocare con tatto (FrancoAngeli, 2002), Il gioco di Alfa e Beta (FrancoAngeli, 2008), A che gioco giochiamo (Corraini Edizioni, 2008), I bambini autori di libri (FrancoAngeli, 2013), and Giocare con la natura. A lezione da Bruno Munari (FrancoAngeli, 2019).