Known as an iconic piece of furniture, Puppy is the perfect gift to delight our loved ones and a faithful companion for any setting.

This year Puppy will be made in a special Christmas edition 2021 in two exclusive finishes: white or gold with golden glitter. It is available in 3 sizes and in stock only until December 2021. NOW IN STOCK! Download_pictures_material


Frottage design Beba Restelli & Denis Guidone offers a game comprising a series of five brightly-coloured two-way boards for a total of ten different raised textures to rub over, discovering unlimited variations and combinations. It is accompanied by an active lab-book, a call to action for children to take the lead and express themselves, developing their curiosity, finding new ideas and exploring their creativity.

Frottage seeks to propose a return to tactile pleasures, stimulating children’s imagination and creativity and enabling them to participate actively. Frottage engages the areas of the brain involved in designing and seeking out different patterns and variations, thereby promoting flexibility. It develops dexterity and refines movement, visual attention and awareness. It helps to discover the world around us and to engage more deeply with all our senses.


In 45 years we have created more than 150 extraordinary design products. Each of them embodies a
strong idea and is the result of creative collaboration and constant experimentation with new design
languages, new technologies and new materials. Initially we didn’t focus only on the traditional
design of chairs and tables, but rather on objects of an everyday use and still today some of our very
first products are part of the collection.

The Nuovastep was born from an observation by Hiroko van Onck: Ladders, indispensable in the house to get to tall cabinets, were stowed away after use because they were unaesthetic. Our Step ladder was an example for a range of products that we call “forgotten objects”, but have become an integral part of the household. It was the starting point for a new category in design and our first major success.

This year we celebrate 45 years of design with a limited edition of Nuovastep. With a frame in oval tube aluminium, painted in fluorescent orange and steps are made of white ABS, it is available as a limited edition of 45 pieces and will be signed with a metal plate in stainless steel.

COSTUME – a sustainable and flexible sofa system with a focus on longevity.

In collaboration with designer Stefan Diez we have developed a completely new construction method for the Costume sofa. Its individual components are not permanently attached to each other and can easily be dismantled, for example for cleaning or if new upholstery needs to be purchased.

At the heart of Costume is a body made from recycled and recyclable polyethylene produced using rotational-moulding technology from furniture and car industry waste. An insert made of pocket spring cores psararovides the cushioning for the seat and backrest. On top of this is a thin layer of polyurethane foam.

The whole is held together by a cover made of fabric that can be fastened on using tension belts and easily removed at any time. Not only does this system use much less foam in manufacturing than conventional sofas – most of the materials used can also easily be recycled. If the upholstery wears out one day, it can easily be replaced. This concept allows Costume to live up our claim to develop products that use materials in a responsible way. Costume comes with a total of just four different elements: the actual seating module, which can be completed with a left or right armrest and an ottoman.

A connector of plastic, which is pushed into the slots on all four corners of the seat, serves to link the pieces. Available in matching as well as in contrasting colours, it creates an aesthetic feature. The four elements seat, armrests and pouf can be assembled to form numerous combinations depending on requirements and space.