Puppy, design Eero Aarnio
Animals have a special place in a child’s world when they are growing up. They often have a favorite toy animal and sometimes a real one to play with. Growing up in a city, there was an alley cat in my neighborhood that I took care of and my wife grew up in the countryside and had a crow chick she cared for. But puppies in particular are well loved by most children and I had this in mind when I started designing the Puppy. I also wanted to keep only the most essential features of a puppy when designing it, just like children do when they draw their first animals; head, body, legs.
Another important factor to consider was choosing the right material because the manufacturing process and materials have a direct impact on the overall design. Round forms are optimal for plastic manufacturing because you’ll get the maximum strength with minimal use of material. Also round shapes are more child friendly than sharp and angular forms.