dicono di noi

The word EXCELLENCE is by its very nature used sparingly. Yet it’s definitely an appropriate word in the case of MAGIS. The exemplary story of MAGIS has always been an upward curve. An admirable series of products. An accurate choice of designers. Fully updated strategies. Sophisticated communication. The right industrial policy. Then the new MAGIS location is ZEN, a magic box for protecting this rare phenomenon.
Everything is absolutely OK.

Alessandro Mendini

”I went to Magis many years ago. It was a special kind of workshop with young designers working on prototypes within a perimeter of offices. I have since gone to the new company: big, with the clarity of its minimalist architecture and a large park in the centre for holding concerts, a conference room, offices, large spaces. Very different from the old location yet fortunately with large rooms full of objects and designs, a display system which again resembles a workshop and gives the idea of work in progress rather than a self-celebratory gallery. Then there’s Perazza talking about his strategies, taking you on a tour and explaining to you the designs one by one, from the first chair by Jasper Morrison to the latest one by Konstantin Grcic. The uncertain situation of the design-oriented industry in Italy reveals the truth of the saying by Vico Magistretti who probably expressed the key characteristic of Italian design: “design is like love; it takes two - a designer and a businessman”. Perazza would confirm this, adding “but it’s the businessman who has to be at the helm” (everyone has a right to his or her idiosyncrasies). He goes on, implacably, to tell you about his design philosophy which can be summed up in one essential thing: a design makes sense if it contains a particle of sincerity, a technological innovation, a type revision, something in other words which does not repeat that which already exists but which brings into the world something which, even on a small scale, enriches it. A serious firm, he adds, guides designers in this direction and produces objects which embody this truth. He gives a good example to explain his collection for children: “I didn’t want to take a successful chair and reduce it in size; I wanted one designed for children”. Recently, talking and travelling, I realised that, in such turbulent times, Magis works, produces and sells. It’s beloved in Italy, Brazil and elsewhere. This is definitely down to Perazza and his strategy and also his work group. In other words the company’s doing well. What else can we say? Chapeau!”

Vanni Pasca

“I’m a great admirer of Magis.
I also greatly admire Eugenio Perazza.
A great personality and a courageous entrepreneur. There are few entrepreneurs of his calibre left and people like him will become increasingly rare.

Ingo Maurer

MAGIS enjoys my most sincere admiration and respect for their belief in ageless creativity.

Marva Griffin

Young, energetic, innovating: Magis is a company which has moulded sophisticated, inspired and surprising works of design from plastic and metal. Industrial design is an art and an alchemy and Magis encapsulates through its history the daily magic - all too often unrecognised - which is contemporary design. Those behind this alchemy include Konstantin Grcic, Jasper Morrison, Stefano Giovannoni, Marc Newson and above all its visionary founder, Eugenio Perazza.

Joseph Grima

"I appreciate a leader of a company who makes the first suggestion for co-operation and flies to Finland for a meeting, as it happened with Magis when I started designing for them in 2003”.

Eero Aarnio

Magis reveals an international calling. Primarily the design planning process creates design as a project within the project, guaranteeing on each occasion and anywhere in the world right and fitting creations. This confirms the strategy of the entrepreneur Eugenio Perazza, excluding gratuitousness and lack of rationalization in the approach targeted more towards to the raison d’être of products which substantiate the value of the vision.

Decio G.R. Carugati

Magis influences the interior industry in a sustained manner and positively contributes the design history with pathbreaking products.

Jan van Rossem

“Charm is a very important chemistry for Magis and we cannot talk about Magis products without charm and coziness.
Quality of Magis products is that tall these products seem as if they came out of casual paintings and they have something that no cool and stylish design can compete.
After all, this charm is what makes Magis and its philosophy.”

Naoto Fukasawa