Magis and the Bourollecs: Album, Bordeaux

From January, 27th to March, 27th the exhibition Album devoted to the works of Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec (their first solo exhibition in France) will take place at the architectural centre Arc en Rêve in Bordeaux.

Magis will be protagonist of this exhibition with 50 Steelwood Chair displayed in the various halls of the gallery creating a really suggestive setting.

Moreover, Steelwood Chair has also been included in one of the six thematic areas of the exhibition, that presenting the industrial process as basis of the project development.

The day after the exhibition opening, that is on January, 28th Arc en Rêve will also host the conference “Blanc d’essai: art, architecture, design”, where the Bouroullec brothers will tell about their experience as designers and will exchange opinions with various personalities from the art, architecture, design and industry field, among whom also Magis’ president, Eugenio Perazza.