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  • Plastica

Frame: Purple Violet 5047 Interlacement: Red 1129 C + Purple Violet 1487 C

Frame: Granite Grey 5072 Interlacement: Green 1288 C + Granite Grey 1423 C

rame: White 5110 Interlacement: Grey 1417 C + White 1673 C

Frame: Warm Grey 5117 Interlacement: Curry 1015 C + Warm Grey 1419 C

Sedia impilabile.
Materiali: struttura in tondino di acciaio trattato cataforesi e verniciato poliestere. Sedile in polipropilene stampato in bi-iniezione. Adatta per esterni.

Our products are highly aesthetic, functional and embody a strong idea. Everything else would be easy, ordinary and not the Magis way.