Events at XTRA Singapore

To mark the 25th anniversary of the XTRA showroom in Singapore and celebrate this important milestone, a series of events was held in October, attended by Magis’ Managing Director, Alberto Perazza.
In particular, XTRA chose to celebrate this anniversary by organizing two charity initiatives, with the support and collaboration of Magis:
– a special limited-edition pink version of the rocking chair Voido (design Ron Arad) and of Puppy (design Eero Aarnio), available in September and October at the XTRA showrooms in Park Mallow and Winsland House, to raise funds for the Singapore Breast Cancer Foundation;
– a special edition of Puppy XL was created, with four veritable masterpieces in metallic gold, bronze, magenta and purple, which were put to auction (open from 1 October to 31 December 2014) to support ASD (Action for Singapore Dogs) in its work to care for 150 abandoned puppies.