magis world

“For Magis, design isn't so much the conception of a chair, a table, a lamp, or a car as the thought process and business culture that guides a company through its own journey, earning it the distinctions that give it its strength”.
“Good design takes hard work; we concentrate on just a few projects, built on strong, original ideas; and communicate them they way they deserve”.
“Design, for Magis, is above all a way of thinking and producing new concepts. It’s filling one's head with ideas, and then screening them, knowing which ones to choose and develop”.
“To design we have to nurture an experimental mindset, which can take a huge investment of effort, will, obstinacy, fanaticism, or even madness in pursuit of our goal: the courage to dare, to push ourselves to the edge”.
“Magis designs by making oblique associations: taking elements that work in certain contexts and extrapolating them to others to discover new functions”.